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Scientific documentation of fuel consumption for the first full scale ASV Mono test vest vessel has shown a staggering 50% reduction compared with the market leading conventional vessels of same size and weight. These values have been confirmed in the SSPA towing tank (January 2012) where the Zero emission ASV commuter ferry hull was tank tested (EU project BB GREEN.)

Reducing the consumption to half is equivalent to reducing the emissions by 50%

Another benefit is a significant reduction in wake wash, enabling ASV’s to operate at high speeds, without disturbing the seabed, in coastal, congested waters where conventional vessel will have to slow down. Reduced wake wash is key success factor for the BB GREEN project - the first battery powered fast ASV commuter ferry.

The unique BB GREEN vessel will be able to operate at 30 knots + speed, with no emission, securing energy to the battery from sustainable energy sources (hydro, wind or solar power).

Del denne siden med andre!

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