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ASV Pleasure Crafts and Yachts

The pleasure boat and yacht market is today dominated by crafts with conventional “wet” semidisplacment / planing hulls. These hulls have been only marginally changed over the last decades, deliver low efficiency and very costly to operate at medium and high speeds.

The new patented ASV monohulls presents a way to bridge high efficiency/lower fuel consumption without needing to slow down to speeds below the “hump”. With an air support ratio of up to 85%, a minimum of wetted surfaces and high efficiency hull/propulsion integration – reduction in fuel consumption for the ASVs vs. conventional vessels of same size - of almost unbelievable 50% have been demonstrated and scientifically documented.

ASV crafts come with a wide range of hull length/beam (L/B) configurations, most with market leading interior volume (for accommodation), set up for a wide range of propulsion systems. The new pod propulsion systems by leading Volvo Penta, ZF, Cummins, Zeus and Rolls Royce Marine are perfect matches with the new ASV technology.

Although ASV’s normally have twin engine installation, ESI will soon launch their first ASV single pod propulsion hull solution, suitable in the beginning for vessel between 35 and 55 feet – and offering market leading low fuel consumption as well as speeds in the 25 – 35 knots range. More to follow shortly!

Del denne siden med andre!

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